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Naming a Guardian for Minor Children

This should be the foremost concern of any parent. If both parents die without naming a guardian, the court will appoint a guardian to raise your children without knowledge of your wishes, your children’s needs, or your extended family members’ suitability. Worse, the court could place your children in state custody while this decision is pending.

Deciding who will raise your children in your absence is often a difficult decision. Consider closely the attributes of the person you nominate. Is he/she the right person, or are you basing your designation on family hierarchy, friendship, or feelings of obligation? Have you been putting off this decision due to fear of hurting someone’s feelings by omitting them, or are you afraid you are asking too much? LeonardLaw can help you navigate these emotional choices.

“Frieda, I really do just feel such peace of mind, this has literally been nagging at me since we had our first child. We really enjoyed working with you! We came to you not really knowing anything about the process or what our options were. Thanks for taking the time to really listen to us and get an understanding of what our individual goals and concerns were.”
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