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Pet Trusts


Given the costs of care and the longevity of some types of pets, planning in this area can be very beneficial.  In a pet trust, you can name a human caregiver as the beneficiary of a trust, and require that the distributions be dependent upon the beneficiary caring appropriately for the pet.

The trust can be funded through many vehicles at the time of your death and does not have to be funded during your life.  Your pet’s current standard of care determines the endowment amount required. Factors include life expectancy, the cost of daily care, annual veterinary care, emergency care, grooming, boarding, and exercising.  Additional factors may apply in particular cases.

“Frieda, I really do just feel such peace of mind, this has literally been nagging at me since we had our first child. We really enjoyed working with you! We came to you not really knowing anything about the process or what our options were. Thanks for taking the time to really listen to us and get an understanding of what our individual goals and concerns were.”
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