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Confirm/Correct Beneficiary Designations

I know this is a crazy and scary time, so for those of you with Wills and Trusts, now is the time to confirm that your beneficiary designations are consistent with your estate plan.

Trust Funding

For those of you with trusts, please make sure that you have properly funded your trust.

Powers of Attorney, HIPAA, Living Wills

Ensure that your initial and possibly contingent healthcare and financial power of attorney have the documents s/he needs, including your healthcare and financial power of attorney document, HIPAA, and living wills. You may wish to circulate your living will among additional family members and friends.

Due to the measures that are being undertaken, most of us will emerge from this crisis with our health intact, but this is a reminder to cherish those you love and to tackle your to do list.

Stay safe!

All the best,

Frieda Leonard and the staff at LeonardLaw