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Welcome to LeonardLaw. Please follow the instructions to add an event to my calendar. You will shortly be prompted to download a worksheet to complete and return via email 24 hours prior to your meeting. Alternatively, please email or  to schedule an appointment and we will email the worksheet.

Please see below for the worksheet to complete prior to your complimentary consultation.  You can choose among the two most recent versions of Microsoft Word or earlier versions.  The worksheet ensures that your consultation is as productive as possible.  Please note that we have a worksheet for single and married individuals.

Please complete a worksheet 24 hours prior to your appointment.

Estate Planning Worksheet

Links to the most recent Microsoft Word version of the Estate Planning worksheet (Docx)*: 

Word Document for single individual

Word Document for married couple

Links to the Estate Planning Worksheet in Google Forms: 

Google Form Worksheet for single individual

Google Form Worksheet for married couple

*Please reach out to if you
require an earlier version of Microsoft Word (doc. as opposed to docx).

Probate Worksheet

Link to the Probate Worksheet in Google Forms: 

Probate Worksheet

Trust Administration Worksheet

Link to the Trust Administration Worksheet in Google Forms: 

Trust Administration Worksheet

“Frieda Leonard was highly organized and professional. She knew the right questions to ask to help us put together an estate plan that meets not only our immediate needs, but takes care of our descendants after we’re gone. We feel at peace knowing that our affairs are in order!”
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