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How to Set Up Emergency contacts in your iPhone

Go to Settings -> Health

You can also enter allergies, medications, blood type, etc.

How to Ensure that Your Healthcare Power of Attorney is Armed With Sufficient Information to Follow Your Wishes
Preparing for Coronavirus: The #1 Legal Document Every Adult Needs to Have
Three Things to Do Before your Kids Go Off to College – especially in light of Covid
Colorado Bar Association Information & Tips

The Colorado Bar Association practical tips and information addressing Wills, Powers of Attorney, Guardianship, Probate and more.

How to Obtain a Credit Report for a Deceased Person
How Do You Remove an Account from Facebook or Twitter When Someone Dies or Becomes Incapacitated?

Facebook Account Memorialization Form:

Facebook Medically Incapacitated Person Account Removal Form:

Twitter help article on Removal of Deceased/Incapacitated Person Accounts:

How do you change your gender classification on your license?

The Simplest Way to Transfer an Inherited Car
Avoiding Identity Theft When Someone Dies By Notifying Credit Bureaus
Body composting begins in Colorado, after state legalizes this alternative to burial or cremation
How to determine if a deceased person owed taxes or was entitled to a refund.

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